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front suspension

  1. 2000 Tundra Ball Joint Failure

    Hello all, this is my first post. I have a 2000 Tundra 4wd 4.7 that I bought new and currently has 322,000 miles. Replaced tie rod ends and ball joints last spring for the second time and ran across an unusual problem. Since spring the passenger side ball joints have failed twice, in all cases...
  2. Front Suspension

    Does anyone else have the problem of while going down the road you hit a bump and the front end feels like it is bottoming out? It is so bad that it has knocked my rear door panel loose. I know that my shocks are not bad because my truck does not hop after hitting a bump. I'm considering...
  3. OK Gearheads...need some help with front sus. on a stock 01 Limited

    Gentlemen, I am hearing noise other than the squeaking at my front end, 2001 Limited Tundra.( I hear there is no way to get rid of the squeaks) Steers straight, handles great with no vibrations but when parallel parking I hear a clunk when reversing into a parking spot. A quick inspection shows...
  4. Installation how to: Polyurethane steering rack bushings

    1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    So I couldn't figure out how to post in the installation and how-to forum so I figure I might as well post here and if it gets moved, you guys know where to find it ;)I decided to do a little write up on how to install the polyurethane steering rack bushings on the 2000-2006 Tundras. I didn't...