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glove box

  1. Pink and white wired harness..unplugged and no idea where to plug back in

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Alright folks..i already feel like an idiot but I need some help here. I tore out the entire glove box assembly (top and bottom) on my 2012 Crewmax desperately to find and fix the maddening chattering sound coming from my blower motor. I succeeded in finding and fixing the problem but during the...
  2. *** Glove Box Lock not working properly!!***

    Ok guys, The lock on my glove box was completely broken today!! A part of a key got stuck towards the back, so I took the glove box lock apart and as I did, I unclipped the sides of the handle that connects to the black part of the box itself, and as I did, a spring with 2 "L" shaped arms flung...
  3. Glove Compartment handle came off. How do you open it now?

    So I was having my family gathering and my assignment was to get the keg. I strap it in the front seat. Well I had to slam on breaks on the intersate on the way back adn the keg flew forward and took out the hand of the glove box. Now i dont know how to open it. It broke cleanly off. Any ideas?