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  1. 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra tailgate handle stainless steel

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    Hello all! Selling crafted stainless steel tailgate handle (only handle) for Toyota Tundra 2007-2013. $150 Free shipping to US and Canada, and nice price for everlasting tailgate handle. It handle – part of OEM Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 tailgate handle PN: 69090-0C040, 690900C040 and...
  2. Is there a METAL tailgate handle for 07 Tundra?

    Interior & Exterior
    I managed to break my tailgate handle. After looking at it I see it is all plastic and don't really want to go back down that road again. I have seem mention of metal handles for Sequoias but don't know if they are the same or where to find them. So I am in search of a metal handle for me 07...
  3. *** Glove Box Lock not working properly!!***

    Ok guys, The lock on my glove box was completely broken today!! A part of a key got stuck towards the back, so I took the glove box lock apart and as I did, I unclipped the sides of the handle that connects to the black part of the box itself, and as I did, a spring with 2 "L" shaped arms flung...
  4. How to replace door handle assembly

    :)Hey guys! i just got in my color keyed mirror caps and door handles. I already replaced the mirror caps, but i was wondering how to get the door handle off so i can put the new color keyed handle assembly on.. i tried searching around couldnt find anything with real good details. any info...
  5. How do you OPEN REAR Liftgate whenhandle and window is inoperative?

    2001 Toyota Seqouia with inoperative rear window and latch assemby (with broken plastic handle). I read the threads discussing how you OPEN the rear liftgate by rolling down the window and prying up trim panels. What if your WINDOW is inoperative, too? How do you open the read door from...
  6. Broken Door Handle How to Remove/Replace

    I have a broken drivers side door handle on my 2002 Tundra. This is the handle you use to pull the door closed, not the one to open the door. The side to the from of the truck pulled out. Is replacing it a DIY project? Is there a way to fix it. I've removed the two torx screws but I can't...
  7. Glove Compartment handle came off. How do you open it now?

    So I was having my family gathering and my assignment was to get the keg. I strap it in the front seat. Well I had to slam on breaks on the intersate on the way back adn the keg flew forward and took out the hand of the glove box. Now i dont know how to open it. It broke cleanly off. Any ideas?