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  1. Cab Fan / Blower issue

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Greetings. This is my first post. I have an '05 model and this is my first issue. The heater / AC blower only works on the HI setting. It doesn't blow air on any other setting. It seems that if it was a fuse issue, it would not blow at all. Where do you suppose the problem is? Thanks for...
  2. Tire pressure in hot weather.

    Hey guys, Do tire pressure settings change in hot weather environments. I live in Oman where average temps in summer is 45 C'. Do I need to account for the heat when it come to tire pressure? Running 30 psi on front and 35 on back as per the manual. Thanks
  3. brake= vibration?

    hey folks, i search the forum I think I got the answer just want to be sure. I got 14K on my CM, anyway after the brakes get heated, I get a very hard vibration when braking, mind this happens since I got the tundra new. so is it the brake disc? :confused: thanks :D
  4. Added coolant, it spewed, now I don't have heat?

    Last weekend, I was looking over my fluid levels, belt and hose conditions in my 97 Avalon and noticed that I didn't have any coolant in my reservoir. I topped it off to the Min mark. On my way to work this morning, I noticed that my temp gauge was getting hotter than it's ever been so I...
  5. 05 Tacoma not heating at idle

    I've got a 05 tacoma that only blows cold air at idle. Once I start down the road it blows heat. The engine temp gauge is holding steady and normal. I haven't tried any fixes yet as I'm not sure where to start. I looked around on the net and found other people having the same issue but no...