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  1. 04 tundra front ABS ring

    So recently bought my tundra which needed the front left wheel bearing replaced. After getting the spindle of I can’t get the hub out. I’m assuming the previous owner left it for so long that it welded itself it there, so we’re going to cut it out but I can’t find the front ABS ring anywhere...
  2. 2001 4.7 Broke Down Help!

    I have a 2001 Tundra 4.7, 130,000, new timing belt, pulleys, hoses, plugs. Was running great and just died while driving. Had it towed home, rented a fuel pressure gage, no pressure when ignition on or cranking. Replaced filter and fuel pump but haven't rechecked fuel pressure. Engine either...
  3. Where to find fog light mod info for an 05?

    I have a 2005 Tundra DC Limited 4WD. -I want to do the always on fog ligt switch on my truck but cant find any write up for my truck! I helped a buddy on his 07 Tacoma but cant find for first gen. I found one video and followed all the directions, all it did was undo my turn signals. (it was...
  4. TIS T510PK and American Legacy seriesII is it worth it? and other install questions

    Audio & Stereo
    I have a 2009 tundra DC non-JBL and im looking to upgrade the sound. I already own a TIS amp which says it does "Peak: 700 watts total output! (75W x 4 + 400W x 1)" and an American Legacy series 2 model LA490 i think (2 channel 600w peak). since i already own these i figured i would just...
  5. where can i get a rear end

    Anyone know where i can get my hands on a rear end or just a differential for my 06 sr5 dc 4.7 tundra with out breaking the bank? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  6. Glove Compartment handle came off. How do you open it now?

    So I was having my family gathering and my assignment was to get the keg. I strap it in the front seat. Well I had to slam on breaks on the intersate on the way back adn the keg flew forward and took out the hand of the glove box. Now i dont know how to open it. It broke cleanly off. Any ideas?