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  1. complete retrofit done

    My passenger side headlight was cracked and starting to fog up pretty bad. After a good rain I could see a pool of water sitting in the bottom of it. I have always been a huge fan of the HID projector and figured this would be a great time to make the change. I purchased 2 aftermarket Depo...
  2. Lift and HID Help

    I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra 2wd Ext. Cab.. What would be the best lift if i purchased 265/70/18 Tires and Whats the best route for HIDS? Thanks in advance!
  3. Turn Down Headlights

    I'm new to the forum so sorry if this has been asked already but I recently installed 6,000k HIDS in my headlights and fog lights and I cant figure out how to turn the headlights down some?