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  1. 2000 Tundra ignition not cranking

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Hey there. I recently replaced the ignition lock cylinder on my 2000 Tundra SR5 (8-cyl) but it won't crank. When I try to start it, there's no resistance/spring action and none of the dash lights, radio, etc come on — except for the glow ring — when I try to turn it over. The ignition was...
  2. OEM radio won't turn off with key. Radio/ Ignition help

    I Had this happen yesterday for the first time. Turned off the key and the radio remained on. I started and shut off the truck again with the same result. The radio (in FM mode) remains on along with the dash clock. I can shut off the radio with the off button but the clock remains on. Does...
  3. Attempt DIY Rekeying ignition lock cylinder with immobilzer?

    Has anyone attempted re-keying a replacement ignition lock cylinder? Locksmith quoted me $400 to replace my worn lock cylinder with one that fits the old key. I have the immobilizer option. Are there special lock smith tools and ECM tricks that I can't do? I have an '01 Sequoia - has the...
  4. Ignition timing sticking over advanced when accelerating hard - splutters 00 Tundra

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Hi, Our 2000 Tundra will not accelerate after changing the starter. It starts and runs well as long as you do not press quickly on the accelerator (like trying to pass or go up a steephill). Live diagnostics show the ignition timing at 40% , MAF at 19.4 g/s, throttle position at 18% at 2600...
  5. 2004 Tundra Limited - Key won't start engine

    I'm currently using the spare key (I misplace the original), it only has 40,000 miles....Lately, when I insert the key to start the truck, I get nothing. No clicks. No sounds. Then I go through this ritual of turning the key off and on, 3 or 4 times, move the gear selector up and down...
  6. Electrical problem (ugh) - 2001 Tundra SR5

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Here's a weird one: Recently, when I turn off my ignition, the A/C blower fan continues to run, the shifter light stays lit, the ABS light stays lit, and (most weird of all) when I turn on the windshield wipers it squirts cleaner onto the windshield and doesn't run the wipers! Other various...
  7. 03 S/C tundra slow to start

    Hey guys/gals- I searched for an appropriate thread, but couldn't really find one, so I'm starting a new one. Obviously- I'm needing some advice. My dealership did some work on my pickup @ the end of July. About 2 weeks later, it would have a little trouble starting- just a slightly slower start...
  8. Need ignition coil gasket

    I've been looking high and low for a gasket to replace a missing one on one of my ignition coils. These are the goobers that connect to the spark plugs. The gasket, about the size of a silver dollar, gray, and made of thermoplastic, seals against moisture on the coil and spark plug. The dealer...
  9. Tundra won't start

    Hi, I am new and I am here to tell you the dumb trick I pulled over the last week. First of all, I got home one day, parked my truck and somehow didn't close the door all the way. Come out next day - my battery is drained since that lamp was on all night. In dark I hustle my wife's Nissan to the...