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  1. WTB 07 Tundra 5.7L airbox

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    Hello, Just wondering if any of you tundra owners would be willing to part with a stock airbox for a 07 Tundra 5.7L engine SR5. I am located in Southern California. Thank You
  2. K&N Intake

    Has anybody put the K&N 57-9027 kit on their 4.7? This kit looks more like the stock kit, not the one with the exposed cone filter. I did a search and didn't find any threads that talked about it. Even on Amazon, there are only 3 reviews. They are good reviews, but still. Anybody have one?
  3. 08 Tundra V6 1GRFE - K&N Intake Installed - Review

    Hey Guys, I know there are not many Tundra V6 owners here, but someone might find this post interesting. So here I go. I recently installed the K&N Cold Air Intake to my humble 2008 V6 Tundra. It has the common 4.0L 1GRFE engine in it. Installation Process: The installation manual could be...
  4. Almost threw out my K&N air filter!

    Well guys, Im a frequent to the desert, ie: trail running, drylake runs, typical high dust situations. Doesn't help that I live in Las Vegas. (Average 3 inches of rain per year) This year we've only gotten 2 inches of rain. :td: Moving on, I almost threw out my K&N drop in filter because I...
  5. Best Headers for 01 AC Limited?

    Looking into getting some headers for my 01 Access cab limited Tundra. Already have the exhaust system built in, looking to upgrade from OE headers. Also, new shock reccommendations? My truck has Fox 2.0 (part of a Fab Tech lift from original owner), but they are starting to go. Just replace...
  6. Intakes and More Intakes!

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    Looking to boost the performance, mileage and sound of your Tundra? has a wide selection of intakes from the top manufacturers and every accessory to go with them like pre-wraps, service kits, replacement parts. 10% off all AEM Intake Systems, free shipping! 10% off all AFE /...
  7. 2011 Tundra 5.7 Dyno Thread

    Hey folks, long time lurker here. I recently purchased a 2011 Tundra Crewmax 5.7L 4x4. I have done a few exterior mods lately but now I have the bug to get a few more ponies out of the 5.7. I researched and narrowed my upgrades down to: 2011 Tundra Corsa Sport Catback Exhaust aFe Cold Air...
  8. AFE Intake: Your opinions

    I searched the forums and found a guy who installed an AFE Intake on his Tundra, but he didn't respond back to questions about horsepower gain or gas mileage improvements. My question to you guys is if you have one, or have had one in the past, what do you think of them? I'm not expecting a...
  9. 09 xrs

    Corolla / Matrix
    Hello everyone, I purchased a white 09 XRS just over a year ago, and I love it. Has just over 30,000km (or 19,000 miles) and still runs great. Tinted the windows black which make it much more sleek. Im in the process of installing an Ingen cold air intake and Magnaflow exhaust system. Has...
  10. Deployed.... Could Use Some Help.

    So I'm currently deployed and our free time is becoming scarce due to preparing to leave. If you could help me out I would appreciate it. I ordered an AFE Stage II SI Pro Dry Intake & Doug Thorley Tri-Y Short Headers. My wife would like to get them installed before I return home as a Fathers...
  11. Quasi-WAI (Warm Air Intake)

    It has been a while since this discussion: But I'm a little bored. I took the stock intake tube off my 4.0 V6 today and drove around a bit. Seemed a little peppier and I really like the sound my truck made...