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  1. Apple iPod interface for sale - $50

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    SoundGate TOYPD2 Apple iPod interface for 1998 and newer Toyota and Scion. Allows stock head unit to control iPod. Works great - previously installed on "09 Tundra. VERY easy install -one harness is plugged in the back of the head unit, the other harness can be routed to the glovebox, center...
  2. Kenwood DPX-6020 Ipod

    Audio & Stereo
    Just wanted to pass along some information. I have a Kenwood DPX-6020 in my 2002 Tundra. I wanted to hook up an Ipod to the radio. I started searching around. I checked the Kenwood sight and it says I cannot hook up an Ipod to a DPX-6020. I called Kenwood and ask them to verify this...
  3. Aux input in Factory Nav unit

    Audio & Stereo
    I am considering getting an Alpine eX-10 to connect my BlackBerry with Bluetooth to my stereo. I have the factory stereo with navigation. I would like to connect this unit to an aux input instead of using the FM interface. Does anyone know if there is an aux input in these units? A connection...
  4. Stereo Aux Input Advice

    2006 Double Cab w/o JBL - I am planning on installing a new head unit in my truck. Currently I have the stock AM/FM single CD unit. My goal is to get one with iPod connectivity. Sounds simple, but I want a clean plan is to get a unit with iPod connection in the back of the...
  5. Ipod interface-sound quality?

    I have an 06' DC Lmtd with JBL NAV/DVD and I just purchased the PA15-Toy with the new cable for the iphone 3g after reading so much about it in the forums and hooked it up this morning. I agree with everyone here that the quality of the feed is good with no interference and I liked the options...
  6. Solution for iPod

    2007 V6 Tundra, regular cab, short bed. Does anyone have a solution for where you put your iPod while plugged into the handy dandy MP3 Aux jack? Ideally I would like to find a replacement for the ashtray (which I will never use) to hold an iPod. Any other ideas better than trying to hold it...
  7. 2005 4Runner w/Nav - Need Aux In???

    Hello... I've been doing lots of searching trying to find if there is a solution to get a simple (aka cheap) auxiliary in to my Toyota nav head unit. I just really don't have a lot of interest in spending $200 for something like the Vaistech unit, when all I really want is auxiliary in. I...
  8. USA SPEC PA15TOY with 6disc changer and RSE

    I have a 2003 Sequoia with factory JBL 6disc changer and rear entertainment unit (RSE). I am trying to install the USA SPEC PA15TOY ipod interface and can't get it working right. I intalled it (per included intstructions and Crutchfield supplement) to the back of the CD changer and it worked...