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  1. Interesting conversation - 2014 Tundra

    I pulled up to the golf course yesterday morning and as I was unloading, a fresh 2014 Tundra (of course) parks right next to my 2008 CM. I joked with the guy and complimented the truck. Turned out, he was a dealer and he was driving a demo. THEN, he proceeded to tell me all the things wrong with...
  2. My First minor "Issues"

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post, so forgive any errors/omissions. I brought my truck in for a Winter maintenance service today and I've had my first official "issue" with my truck. The water pump is leaking at 60501km (37593 miles). The power steering fluid pressure hose is leaking at...
  3. Anybody hit the 100,000 mile club yet?

    Post your mileage and issues that you have had along the way- keep out the bed bounce and mod issues please. Lets keep this to stock only issues. I will start: 07 DBL CAb Limtd, 93,426 miles. 1. heater fan [email protected] 3,000- warrenty fix, 2. Gas pedal stuck -not recall, caused from tension in cab...