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  1. Complete install video of JL AUDIO SB-T-TUNCNSL2/10W3v3

    1Gen-Audio & Electronics
    Does anyone have a complete install video of the JL Audio SB-T-TUNCNSL2/10W3v3 Center console encloser in or close to a 2006 Double Cab Tundra 4x4 ??? let me know thanks
  2. FS: JL Subs - Texas

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I have some used, working and in great condition JL subs I'm looking to sell. 2 - JL6W0-2ohm 1 - JL 10w3v3 4 ohm looking to sell all three togather for 300 + shipping cost from 77406. -J
  3. JL Audio Stealth Box for Gen 1 Tundra Double Cab

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    I just removed a 3 year old JL audio Stealth box from my Previous 2005 Tundra SR5 Double Cab. (Comes with Sub) This is the Box that goes in the middle console. I paid $490 for it and am looking to get $280. Great condition I also have the JL Audio XD/600-1 that will fit under the passenger...
  4. Need help deciding between Alpine/JL slim subs for my Tundra Crewmax

    Putting together a complete system for my 2007 Tundra Crewmax and I am stumped on which subs to use. I am trying to decide between two JL 13TW5-3 slim 13.5" subs or two Alpine SWR-T12 slim 12" subs. The subs will be mounted in a custom enclosure behind my rear seat and powered by an Alpine...
  5. *Pics* Custom Sub Enclosure for RE Audio XXX 12

    Audio & Stereo
    I don't think I ever shared pictures of my custom sub enclosure I had in my 2003 Tundra. I had a sub guru design the box to be ported @ ~32hz. It is made of 3/4 MDF, with two layers (1.5") at the front face (where the sub mounts). It is designed to replace the rear seat behind the driver. Only...
  6. JL Cleansweep and sound summing

    Audio & Stereo
    Has anyone installed a JL Cleansweep with the sound summing component? I am finishing up my stereo install and trying to find out some good ideas for the best place to locate it. I was thinking under the pass. seat next to the original amp - where all the speaker outs are located. or perhaps...