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  1. Sequoia
    Hello, I am new... Found this researching suspension options for a 2014 Sequoia. Long and short, I have a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a growing family I need larger SUV that can also service some off road needs. I have been disappointed with my Jeeps reliability and miss my 4runner. Would...
  2. General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items
    I would like to buy 4 or 5 Rock Warrior Wheels 5 Lug wheels. Either shipped or close enough to the Mobile, Al. area. I am going to use them on a 2001 Lexus LX 470 (LandCruiser). Please give me your price and let me know if you have the TMPS, Caps, Rings and lug nuts for them too? Thanks!
  3. Land Cruiser
    I have a 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series without the body that I want to sell. It ran perfectly when the body was removed with 30k miles on it. I don't plan to utilize these parts and want to sell. The motor is same as 5.7 Tundra. Great for anyone who need these expensive parts. Make me an...
  4. Land Cruiser
    I was looking for a LC to replace my aging Sequoia '01. I found one offered by local dealer. However, it is a manual (I dont mind that a bit) and it is a diesel 4.5 L engine. But it is BRAND new. 0 Km!! Now I am in dilemma of weather I should buy that one or stick to the usual Petrol (Gas) V6...
  5. Land Cruiser
    I test drove a 2006 Land Cruiser this past weekend and loved it. However, a neighbor told me it doesn't have power folding mirrors. Is this true? I wasn't able to confirm this through online searches. This would be unfortunate because the width of the LC makes the lack of folding mirrors a...
  6. Land Cruiser
    2008 Land Cruiser Dubai Safari Photos I typically post in the Tundra section, but I thought those of you visiting this section of the boards would like to know I've posted an album of photos from a safari tour I recently took through the dunes outside of Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates...
1-6 of 7 Results