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level kit

  1. Questions about shocks !!

    Hey guys, im new here so bear with me if you can. I have a gen 1 tundra i think ( 2005 4 door SR5 ) and i have had a 3 inch level kit installed on my truck a little while ago and i love it. ive been reading a few things online about upgrading my shocks in the rear and possibly the front struts...
  2. Trying to Install a 3'' Strut Spacer Lift Help!!!!!

    Hey guys, I just purchased a strut spacer lift from ebay. It's a 3'' Spacer lift that sits ontop of the strut, the ebay website says handtools and a floor jack. No strut dissassembly. I just wanted to see if anyone could advise me on how to install them. I have an 05 Toyota Tundra SR5. If anyone...
  3. 2nd gen bilstein 5100 work on 1st gen

    Does anyone know if the bilstein 5100 adjustable up to 2.5" would work on a 2096 DC? Curious as I would really like to level/lift my truck and not sure how much I would get out of the 5100's for 1st gen with the 2" lift they can provide for the 1st gens except the DC. Trying to eliminate...
  4. Toy Tec Level Kit

    Suspension & Axle
    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra (2wd). I am wanting to purchase the toy tec 3/1 leveling kit, but don't know if I should get the rear blocks, or the rear add-a-leaf. Being that it is 2wd, it won't be driven on trails. I just want a more aggressive look. Can anyone help? Has anyone had any complaints...