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lift issue

  1. Installed Icon expansion pack

    Suspension & Axle
    I'm new on here and I can't really find any info on this. I just recently installed the icon leaf expansion pack that is supposed to give 1.5 inch increase in rear ride height. The instructions said to take the factory overload spring out so i did. I didnt really gain any lift and it feels a...
  2. Help with Lifted Sequoia Alignment Issues

    I recently got a 2001 Sequoia 4WD SR5. I put the Billstein shocks (5th notch) and ARB coils on it described in this thread. 181593-suspension-tires-lift-update-2005-sequoia/ I also put 285/75/16 BFG All Terrain KO2 tires and MB 352 16 X8.5 6-139.70 rims. I had a slightly difficult time...
  3. Alingment NEED HELP PLEASE!

    Hello all, I recently bought a set of adjustable upper control arms from to find out that they sent me the wrong product! They sent me the adjustable upper control arms for a Toyota Light truck (Tundra and Tacoma) and now I am left in the dark on where to find adjustable...
  4. 6" lifted 2007 Tundra issue

    Hey there! Anyone have a 6" lift on their Tundra? I have a 2007 Tundra and put a 6" proComp lift on it 9 months ago. Im starting to have some issues and wondered if anyone else has or has heard of anything. This is what is going on; 4 months ago the back end started to squeak (like the bed in a...