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  1. Another Tire Rubbing Post

    I have an '03 Access Cab. I did the 2.5" Bilstein 5100 level that a lot of other members do. I installed the Camburg UCAs. I put on BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 285/70/17. I still get typical rubbing. I rub the frame at full lock and the edge of the front bumper if i turn in reverse. I bought...
  2. Need new rear shocks... Options for eventual lift?

    So I busted one of my rear shocks on my 2006 Sequoia Limited. Been a bad couple months for car costs, so I'm looking to just do a bit at a time. I was curious if I'm looking to go eventually with a 2.5" lift or so, what kind of shocks should I put on the rear? Everyone seems to adore the 5100...
  3. [SOCAL] 07+ *NEW Bilstein 5100 front shocks & ~ 1" LRO alum tapered rear lift block

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    sold No longer available. sold!
  4. Bilstein 5100's whats the deal

    OK, so I have an 04 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD. I am currently running Bilstein 5100's. I need to replace them and doing some research there is no real clear answer other than from the "horses mouth" at Bilstein. If you look around you will find the "old" number as 24-188265. When you search...
  5. Coachbuilder +2 shackles - Like New

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    Selling a set of Coachbuilder +2 shackles and CB drop kit with all hardware (leaf spring bushing not included). Been on my truck for only a week. The only reason I'm selling, is I'm going to put more weight in the bed, so I need the +3s. $200.00 and I'll pay the shipping.
  6. Wheel and tire setups

    Tires and Wheels
    Hey everyone, Im looking to get some new wheels for my 11 magnetic gray crewmax. I already have 295-70-18 on my trd wheels. I tried searching but failed, If there is a thread already like this please post link. Thank you. I was just hoping to see what people are running for wheels on their...
  7. Leveling/Lift Kit Suggestion 06 SR5 Double Cab

    I need to purchase tires soon for my 2006 SR5 DC. I am sticking with the stock 17 inch wheels but want a slightly taller tire. I am looking at the 285/70r17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s right now. I want to get rid of the front end rake and give myself enough clearance to fit the 285s without any...
  8. Larger tire / VSC issues

    Hi all, I've been around the forum for about 15 years (as jawaring) but lost my password and my recovery email is inactive :( Bummer Anyway- I have an 03 Sequoia I'm thinking about doing a mild lift/level on with bigger tires. For those who have a lift/larger tires and do any...
  9. 2006 DC 4x4 wheels, tires, and lift

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I want to level my DC. I've looked into 5100's and Rancho quicklifts the most. I have a few sets of wheels to choose from. Stock wheels are the 16"x7" 5 spokes currently on the truck. Also have a takeoff set of 17x7 sr5 14 4runner and 18x7.5 4runner sport wheels(work at a dealer). I rarely...
  10. Bilstein 5100 for 2nd gen tundra for sale

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    I have a set of brand new Bilstein 5100's up for sale. Asking $150 picked up in southern california or you pay shipping. These are for the 2nd gen tundra.
  11. Ride Rite 2245 2006 Tundra Help on the install

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I have gone through the instructions front to back. Non of the instructions have said to drill the frame. Has anyone else installed these? Ive looked through the threads and could not find any discussing these issues. Thank you for your help.
  12. My 2002 AC From the Beginning

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    please delete Please delete pics did not work. will try again
  13. 2010 Toyota Tundra CrewCab - Lift, Bumpers, Many Upgrades

    Vehicle Classifieds
    2010 Tundra CrewCab - 4WD, Blue - Lift, Bumpers, Lights, Many Upgrades Up for sale is my 2010 Tundra CrewCab in Nautical Blue. it's the SR5 with Tow Package, and the TRD Offroad Package. This particular Tundra has the 5.7L Flex Fuel V8 power plant. The upgrades is what sets this truck apart...
  14. Build Planning

    Hey guys I need some help. Right now I have a stock 2002 Tundra, Im looking on going up to 33's and I want to know exactly what I need to achieve this without rubbing. I will only do the bare minimum for now but later on I plan on going with Fox coilovers and rear shocks as well as an add a leaf...
  15. Problems with Tuff Country 5" lift #55906

    I have a 2004 Tundra 4 door (Crewmax) 4x4 with the Tuff Country 5" lift, 18" wheels and Goodyear wrangler dura trac 275/70r18s. I am currently running the stock gearing. I installed this lift about a year and a half ago and had no problems with it until the beginning of this past summer. The...
  16. Will a 2.5 bilstein lift cause bad tire wear?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Want to buy bilstein shocks to lift the truck 2.5 inches. Asked my uncle (who works at a Toyota dealership) what he thought about it and he said my tires will wear uneven and it's impossible to get them aligned. Is this true? I've never heard that before, an alignment should be able to be done...
  17. Need help with bilstein shocks!

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    So I have saved up a few bucks and decided I'm going to put bilsteins on the truck at 2.5 inches. I've seen guys on here run just the front two and AALs or all four and AALs, which setup do I need, I have researched this and am still confused! I plan on buying from wheelers!
  18. Toytec Boss Complete Lift

    Hey all I've been a lurker for a while and figured I'd add something to the mix. Just had the Toytec BOSS Complete lift installed and it's pretty sweet. Will post better picture after i get the fender repainted and new ERG flares installed. The original flares i had plasti diped and it...
  19. Tire rubbing

    Hey guys! I was looking into buying 285/70/17 mud tires for my 3" lifted sequoia, was just wondering if anyone is running these size tires and if you have any rubbing issues without wheel spacers installed? Thanks in advance!
  20. Another leveling kit, tires, and wheel spacers question on 4.7 Tundra

    Im sorry I know there have been many posts out there...but Im hoping to get some new input or photos again. I own a 2008 DC. 4.7. Im looking at installing BFG KO 275/70/18 tires but at the same time would like to level it out. I hate the nose down makes it look weak :td: ! I would...