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  1. liftgate window off track, missing plastic guide...

    Pulled everything apart to see that the plastic clip that holds the motor guide on the track has vanished. Which explains why it doesn't want to roll up on that side. Any idea how to find a replacement clip? Searched with clip and without :(
  2. 2001 Sequoia liftgate tail light

    I couldn't find this online anywhere, but it was in my Owner's Manual so I'm adding it for the next guy trying to remove the liftgate tail light from 1st generation Sequoia. I recommend you buy spare Toyota 62955-20020 trim clips for this one when you buy the 168 bulbs. You only need one, but...
  3. '04 Sequoia Liftgate Squeak

    Liftgate on my '04 Sequoia has been squeaking for a while. I'm posting the fix for anyone else who runs into this. First thing I tried was replacing the rear hatch bumpers which were a little worn, part numbers 67294-45010 (left) and 67293-45010 (right). The squeak seemed to be reduced but...
  4. '08 Sequoia Liftgate Strut Replacement

    I had this question listed in this other thread, but figured I'd post it here too. I have a 2008 Sequoia SR5 with the manual lift gate and one of the support struts leaked, and now the lift gate won't stay open and slams closed. After scouring the Internet, I've come to the conclusion that...
  5. Help '01 Sequoia Ltd gate lock will not release from latch

    I am trying to replace the cable/lock assembly for my lift gate and I cannot get the lock to release. I have removed the cable from the handle and grabbed the end with vice grips and no matter how hard I pull I cannot get the lock to release so I can replace it. All the electric components are...
  6. How do you OPEN REAR Liftgate whenhandle and window is inoperative?

    2001 Toyota Seqouia with inoperative rear window and latch assemby (with broken plastic handle). I read the threads discussing how you OPEN the rear liftgate by rolling down the window and prying up trim panels. What if your WINDOW is inoperative, too? How do you open the read door from...