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  1. billy 5100's 06 DC lift amount??

    Ok guys, I know that many of you are running the 5100 billy's and love them. And after some careful reading am seeing that installing a ready lift leveling kit can lead to some problems down the road. So my reading has lead me to think that a good way to level my truck, upgrade the shocks...
  2. Lift,Wheels, n Tires Help wanted :)

    Suspension & Axle
    OK, I looked around the forums some and did not find this particular setup and wanted to run it by you guys to make sure their are not any problems with it. 5" Tuff Country Lift Kit (said will fit up to 33x12.5 tires with 4.5" backspacing or less, not sure if the offset will make a...
  3. recently did the toy tec 3'' w/ bilsteins 5100's

    hey i recently did the 3'' toy tec lift with the bilsteins 5100's and i must say wow what a difference in ride with the shocks !!! i love them even only having them for a few days, the 3'' toy tec lift tho love the stance but its kinda cheap and the 1/2'' strut spacers barely even fit with the...
  4. Fog light MOD

    I just did a fog light mod that I found in this forum .The one I did you jump the fog lights red wire with the yellow stripe right behind the switch to the green dimmer control wire . This lets you run the fog lights independently at the switch when the parking lights are on . I also ran new...
  5. Lifts for 2005 Tundra SR5 Access Cab 4wd

    i hav a 2005 tundra sr5 access cab 4wd with a 5" tuff country suspension lift it only recommends 33x12.5 tires i have 20x9 Dick Cepek DC-1 Black Rims and i want to put 35x12.5 tires what would i need to get/do to be able to get these to fit? i really dont want a body lift unless last resort...
  6. What lift for 2003 Tundra 2wd sr5 acsess cab

    I just got this truck and it is stock. I am looking for a good lift for under 500 dollars. I heard that if u get to big of a body lift the radiator and the engine get offline making the engine hotter. I want somthing that isnt going to mess anything up.If u could give me some links for good...