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  1. 2001 Sequoia liftgate tail light

    I couldn't find this online anywhere, but it was in my Owner's Manual so I'm adding it for the next guy trying to remove the liftgate tail light from 1st generation Sequoia. I recommend you buy spare Toyota 62955-20020 trim clips for this one when you buy the 168 bulbs. You only need one, but...
  2. A/C Light Blinks on 2000 Tundra

    Hello Everyone, I have read forums here in the past regarding the A/C Light comes on and then after a few seconds it starts to blink before. I have tried to located the Magnetic Relay in the fuse panel next to the battery but there is not one which is marked even remotely close to those...
  3. Fog Lights

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I know there are several threads but they were old so I'm trying to get visibility. I just bought a 2007 Tundra. It's the SR5 without Fog Lights. I bought a Spyder Fog Light kit from CarID. The kit came with a wiring harness designed for a Tundra without the pre-wire. Mine has the pre-wire...
  4. Red Key Fob Light stays lit and drains battery?

    1Gen-Audio & Electronics
    The red light on one of my key fobs stays lit and absolutely drains the batter for it within a week or two, does anybody know why this is, and if there is a quick fix for this problem?
  5. Tail Lights - Socket and Wire tail replacement 2000 - 4.7

    Lighting & General Electrical
    This part was a recall but not covered for my vehicle. So, I bought two 81555-0C010s "Socket & Wire RR Combin", Replaced the left side wire, put it all back together and no turn signal but double time in the front. Good bulb, good fuse. At a loss. Any insight would be greatly...
  6. TPMS confused ?

    Hi folks, I know there are many solutions for TPMS but im having some problems and im confused. yesterday the TPMS light came on, I went to fill it up but I guess I brok the valve. anyway, I went to toyota today to get a new sensor, the guy there said they dont have it. So I went to the main...
  7. Guages led

    Interior & Exterior
    How do you install leds to change the color of the guages. 2003 tundra sr5. i want to get rid of the green and replace it with blue or something different.
  8. some help please..

    Hey TS's :D I need a bit of help, just a while ago I was on the beach, befor I into the sand the truck was on 2wd and auto lsd on. It was ok, after that I reversed the truck on a little hill and the tire was slipping, I stoped to engage the 4hi suddenly the 4hi was blinkinking, abs on...
  9. Light Bar for 1st Gen Tundra?

    Hello all I'm going to put a light bar on my 2000 tundra pretty soon, and I'm looking for options. Unfortunately I haven't found that many. I know defiant makes a couple of nice bars for the 1st gen, but they're pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a company that makes a less expensive light...
  10. Anyway to automatically turn off the dome light after a few minutes?

    Is there anyway to configure my 2003 Tundra to automatically turn off the dome light after a few minutes? If the headlights are left on, the truck will automatically turn them off after a few minutes or after opening the driver's side door. I'm looking for similar functionality because my wife...
  11. Need help Identifying a part on my 2001 toyota tundra

    Need help Identifying a part on my 2001 4wd v8 limited toyota tundra They are leading towards the abs sensors and MY ABS LIGHT IS on! Im not sure if these little...
  12. 1999 flashing 4x4 lights help

    I have a 1999 limited 4x4 with 155K miles. 4x4 lights are blinking and will not turn off. The button on the 4x4 shifter is not pressed in and shifter is in 2wd position. Now when I back out of the driveway the car goes about 25 feet then feels like the brake is engaging. Does the same thing...
  13. Adding cruise control 2006 reg cab

    Small problem adding cruise control 2006 reg cab I added cruise control to my 06 reg cab V6 automatic today.:tu: It works fine but there is no indicator light coming on.:td: Does anybody know why? I took the instrument cluster out and there are no bulbs on 06 it must be LED. By shining a...