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  1. 02 Halo Headlight Mod/Blacked out

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Just finished my blacked out headlights with halo rings. These are the first one's I've done, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! what do you guys think? I also bought clear corners and put those in. I'll get a better pic of the whole headlight installed, as well as a better pic...
  2. Interior Light Operation

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding how the interior (dome/map) lights operate on a 2005 Tundra DC 4x4 SR5. I know the following: When I unlock the doors with my key fob, the interior lights will turn on for ## seconds. When I lock the doors with my key fob, the interior lights will...
  3. Truck Cap Interior Light Mod?

    2Gen-Member Mods, Write-ups, Build Threads
    Hey, Been searching on this forum for the past hour and haven't seen a mod for the interior of a truck cap. I'm wanting to put some lights in the inside of the truck cap and have a switch both inside the truck cockpit and back in the truck bed. Has anyone seen a thread for this or similar...
  4. 2002 Sequoia Dome Lights not working

    I have a strange issue.. I've checked the fuses but I can't find one blown.. Here is my senario. None of the three ceiling dome lights work (whether they are on Door or ON setting) The timed lights that are usually underneath the console in the front aren't working The lights in the doors of...
  5. 20% Plasma glow

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  6. Interior Light Question

    Ok this is basic but will save me a trip to the dealer. At night, when the interior lights are on, do the mirror control buttons light up. Mine do not and it is a bit frustrating when I am trying to find the button to pull the mirrors in before I drive into my garage. Just trying to figure...
  7. Junyan HU637 - Aiming Projector Headlights

    I know, I know, you can hold your crap about ebay projectors and how they are crap and aren't as brights and yada, yada... I did not buy these, they came with the truck and I am gonna make them work til I feel like replacing them. On to the real issue, i need help aiming the Junyan Hu637's that...
  8. Exterior Lighting Configuration

    I recently ordered a new winch mount bumper for my 2008 Tundra Dbl Cab from Kennesaw Mountain Accessories Kennesaw Mountain Accessories . It has a light bar and and holes for four, 4" lights in the bumper. This is very similar to the Roard Armor or FAB bumpers you see around but 1/2 the price...
  9. 04 Sequioa int. lighting

    a couple of months ago I purchased an 04 Sequioa and I was wondering Whats up with the interior lighting when the doors are open, the one over the middle seats go on and even the back ones go on but the map lights do not go on like the others. I have also a 2000 tundra and the map lights go on...