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limited double cab

  1. 2003 Toyota Tundra JBL Amp Bypass.

    Hi ya'll. So like the title sais, I am trying to bypass the factory JBL amplifier in my car to install an aftermarket stereo without having to buy the really expensive conversion kit. I have read that there is an amp turn on wire that I could splice into the 12v as a "bypass" but I don't know if...
  2. 2005 4WD double cab with 20's

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Hey everyone, Just got my Tundra yesterday so I'm very new to the forum! it's a 2005 double cab limited 4WD, burgundy. The previous owner put new wheels on which are 20's. I will need new tires within a year, and am starting to look to get an idea of what to budget for. Currently it is fitted...
  3. 2014 Limited DC Options - Seriously Dissapointed

    I am seriously disappointed in the options available for the Limited Double Cab. I have been driving a 2002 Limited since new for 176,000 miles with no issues (other than short lived front rotors and the frame recall - for treatment only, my frame was not bad). It never even crossed my mind to...
  4. Best Ride Quality cfg for 2014 Limited Dbl Cab?

    I am about to order a 2014 limited double cab but want the best ride quality as it will never see a dirt road nevermind off-road :cry3d:. It will be a daily driver with a lot of hiway driving, carrying motorcycles (road race bikes & gear) and some towing of a large boat. I have been told that...