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long tube headers

  1. SOLD: TRD Stainless Steel Long-Tube Headers/converter adapters--

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    $495 + Shipping Selling these for a friend. For sale is a Stainless Steel TRD Header kit: Included is the catalytic converter adapters Full Length 1/2" thick stainless Steel Header Flanges: Perfectly flat and never any warping now or in the future. All that is needed is the 2 Donut...
  2. Any After Market Y-Pipes for Land Cruisers 5.7L ?

    Land Cruiser
    Hi, I've been looking around for a while and couldn't find anything yet. I have a '13 Land Cruiser 5.7L with JBA Long Tube Headers. (originally made for 5.7L Tundra) I linked to it a custom made Y-Pipes, those mid pipe then connect to the OEM Muffler. I was wondering if there is any Y-Pipe for...
  3. FS: ***NoWeeds 2.50" --Single No-Weld Cut-Out Kit***

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    $275 + shipping 2.50" NOWEEDS SINGLE - online store Here is a link to the site to compare parts. See the original price. These are the best cut-outs you can buy IMO. Original Instructions will be provided and in the meantime interested buyers/lurkers can view the Online...
  4. Pacesetter Longtube Headers

    Does anyone have a pair of Pacesetter longtube headers for sale?
  5. ***S&S Long Tube Headers: PolyDyn 3000 Degree Ceramic Coated***

    Scored a complete set (Every part).. awhile back from a member here that bought them back in 2004 and Never Installed them ---- Talk about lucky :D Here is what a complete set looks like: This Tundrasolutions member had put up a single post in a thread saying he had a set of new S&S long tube...
  6. First Look - JBA Long Tube Headers for 07-13 Toyota Tundra

    By now, many of you have seen some of the pictures provided by JBA Performance and Us. As an authorized JBA distributor, we were invited over to JBA headquarters for an exclusive First Look at the much anticipated Tundra Long Tube Headers. Here are just a few pics form our visit to JBA...
  7. OFFICIAL 1st Gen Long Tube headers and BAmuffler True duals thread! (Many pictures)

    DISCLAIMER: This setup is not for use in California, or other smog controlled states. All modifications listed here are intended for off-road, and racing use only. Escondidotundra (Keith, owner of BAmuffler/Dirty Deeds industries) will be the guy doing the work here.. I will be lending a...
  8. My On/Off road build thread

    Well before the site crashed some years ago, I had posted all along starting in 2002 on my Tundy build-up. We were all pretty much in our build infancy stage, JJC's truck wasn't even bobbed at the time :-))) (That's a great build BTW!) I am about to embark on a second round of mods which will...