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  1. Vehicle Classifieds
    Time has come to sell my beloved black on tan (cloth) 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 RWD! THE GOOD I've own it for the past 5 years and have extensive maintenance service records available ($9K over 5 years) including new timing belt a year ago, new brake callipers all around, new catalytic...
  2. Vehicle Classifieds
    I recently inherited this truck from my grandmother in California. Driving it cross country put 4,500 miles of the 16,800 on it. My grandmother purchased it new in 2006 and only used it for helping others at her church move and very little else. The truck is a RWD and has driven in the snow 2...
  3. 2Gen-Tundra
    hey everyone im new to the site so bare with me for a while :P i have a 2011 toyota tundra sr5 5.7l and just the other day the check engine light came on. i have also noticed that the oil pressure likes to move radther quickly. yesterday when i was out in it it would stay just under the 1/2...
1-3 of 3 Results