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master cylinder

  1. Master cylinder problem?

    Have a 2003 last week it started devolved an interesting problem with the breaks. While driving the break peddle will get very stiff and when I apply the brakes the truck will stop with the peddle going down about a tenth of an inch when stopped I can press down hard and the peddle will go...
  2. 05 Tundra 4d Master Cylinder Help !

    I have a 05 Tundra 4d 2wd (UCK31L-PRBSKA) The Brake master Cylinder is worn out but I am having problem finding the part I need online. The Master looks like it's 2 Cylinder bolted together, brake line going over the top and to the back unit and then bolted to the booster. Markin's are (AISIN...
  3. Worn Master Cylinder?

    So I've been having brake issues for a while. The brakes have been inconsistent. It ranges from feeling spongy, to normal, to firm. When I went to check the brake fluid the cap was pretty inflated. So much, I had to buy a new cap. I took it to Midas for a free brake check. Of course during...