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  1. Removal of mirror and handle covers on 2008 Tundra

    Interior & Exterior
    I know there was a guy that had already posted this a few years ago but since he is no longer active, the pics in his post don't show. (I'm assuming that's the reason.) I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with removing the chrome covers from the mirror and door handles. I'd like...
  2. FS: OEM radio (non jbl) rear view mirror, Side Mirrors

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    Willing to let this go for cheap. Stock radio-single disc-not xm ready but I am including the fm modulator which allows it to be hooked up to xm- $50 +sh Rear view Mirror-15 + sh Side Mirrors-non heated-non electric-$75 for the pair +Sh Will Sell everything for $100 +sh!
  3. Trade Mirrors??

    I am a new member, but recently purchased my second Tundra. First was a 2005 double cab limited, just traded that in for a new Crewmax. Lovin the 5.7! I would love to have the towing mirrors, and was hoping someone had them and didn't like them. Obviously right now my mirrors are in brand...
  4. power mirrors

    Hey TS, I love this forum forum, lots of info:D any way, guys I was wondering is it possible on a platinum tundra that has power mirrors to close automatically after locking the car like the Lexus 570 ?:confused: thx
  5. 05 Sequoia Limited - mirror issue

    I'm having some issues with the power mirrors....periodically they will refuse to move. You can hear the motors running for the mirrors, but there is no movement/adjustment of the mirrors. I am thinking there might be an alignment issue with the gears inside the housing as occasionally they...