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  1. Factory RearView backup Camera not working - Need help or suggestions

    I just bought my first Tundra (used) and everything works great except for the rearview camera. The truck is a 2007 CrewMax Limited with the camera in the tailgate handle area and the viewing monitor(fixed) is in the overhead area and all OEM. The problem is when I put it in reverse...
  2. Headrest Monitor for 2008 Tundra Limited - Graphite Leather Interior

    I'm upgrading my 2008 OEM Nav unit to a Kenwood eXcelon DNX890HD, which supports video output for DVDs with zoning. My goal is to put in rear facing monitors (not DVD players) in the headrests of the front seats. I've found a number of headrest monitors that are pre-made this way, but I have...
  3. Adding Backup Camera to Tundra SR5 (No Navigation)

    I want to add the backup camera and monitor to my 2010 crewmax (no navigation). For the camera, I want to use the OEM camera that built into the tailgate handle. For the monitor, I want to use the origial OEM monitor (not the flip down one) When I put the tailgate down, I can see the...
  4. LCD Screen Monitor option

    I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra xtCab and need some ideas on a rear video screen for my boys to watch their DVDs, their Zune video and playstation games. I don’t want to alter the truck and want to leave it stock. I have seen some flip down screen for the ceiling but don’t want to mess up the...
  5. Backup Monitor

    I am looking for a wire that will provide 12v when the truck is in reverse. It will power a backup monitor. I have looked through the manual and found a wire in the driver kick panel that seems to be the backup light wire. It is Red/Black connector IL2 pin 2 but when I test what I think is...