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nitto terra grapplers

  1. nitto terra grapplers 285/45/22 or 305/40/22 on stock limited 2wd sequoia????

    Has anyone put nitto terra grapplers 285/45/22 or 305/40/22 on a stock limited 2wd sequoia??? If you could give me some input on drive qaulity, do they rub or any recommondation??? Thanks
  2. Stock Tundra Wears 305/60/18

    Thanks to everyone here, I got enough information to believe my setup would work, but I couldn't find someone with my exact desired setup. I purchased a set of Raceline Raptors 18X9 with +25 Offset to replace the stock rims on my Tundra. I put 305/60/18 Nitto Terra Grapplers on and they clear...
  3. Towing on 22" wheels

    I need some reassurance after the fact. The after the fact part is I have an 'O7 4wd 5.7, and my husband just put super cool 22' Incubus Poltergeist rims and Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/50/22. $$$$$$ Gasp! We tow a Superlite Weekend Warrier 28'. About 4100 lbs. dry. We tow 2 quads, gear, water...