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  1. O2 sensor issues

    '05 Tundra 4.7L threw code P0156. I replaced the Bank 2 Sensor 2 with a new Denso and did a reset. Code threw again. Is there a chance that the new sensor was faulty? The voltage tends to stay high (.8-.9)on that sensor while in operation. I say tends because it does not fluctuate as much...
  2. NEWBIE - Another P0430 thread : '06 Sequoia

    Hi Guys, Newbie poster here but I am frustrated and not sure what to do next. So I am original purchaser of a '06 Sequoia. 144K miles now and no issues BUT about 3 years ago, I started getting a CEL. It was the P0430 error code. It was very sporadic and I finally narrowed it down to a couple...
  3. How to Replace O2 Sensors on a V6 Toyota Tundra 2002 (2000-2006) P1135/P0135

    Intake and Exhaust
    Instructions on How to Replace O2 Sensors on a V6 Toyota Tundra 2002 (2000-'06)P1135 So after a lot of internet trolling, I finally replaced my front O2 Sensor (A/F Sensor : Bank 1, Sensor 1 : P1135/P0135) this weekend!!! It has been bad for over 4.5 years. When it first went out, I had the...
  4. O2 Sensor replacement 04 Tundra

    Intake and Exhaust
    Ok, so I have a check engine light. Got it checked out, turns out it was the O2 Sensor, Bank 1 sensor 2. The one just before the exhaust. I replaced the sensor (pain in the butt 04 Tundra), had the error cleared and the next day the light came back on. Thoughts
  5. P2241 OBD2 Code

    Does anyone know for sure what a P2241 code is on an 05 Sequoia? The CE light came on the other day and when I checked it, it came back with this code. My book didn't have the code listed, and searching on the net didn't come back with anything specific to the Sequoia. I did find other Toyota...
  6. 04 Tundra P0430 after Cat replaced

    Hey guys, heres what I have: 2004 Tundra 4.7L SRS 144k I recently checked my records on the Toyota website and found that at 124k (2009) i brought the truck to the dealer with a P0430 code. They replaced Bank2 o2 sensors 1&2 and also Bank 2 Cat. cost me a ton of cash but this was my daily...
  7. Engine Trouble Code help

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a 2004 Tundra Double Cab with the 4.7 V8. A year ago, the trouble code for the front O2 sensors came on and these were replaced. More recently, I am getting a P0430, which is, as I understand it, the passenger side Catalytic Converter system efficiency. My...
  8. P0420 P0430 Codes Are Back

    I posted last June at 186,000 miles: My ’03 4 cylinder Highlander has been throwing intermittent P0420/P0430 codes for over two years. The CEL came on last August and stayed on for good. I ignored it for nearly a year after speaking with a Toyota mechanic who said that it could be the O2...
  9. O2 Sensor Problem

    I have a 2003 tundra with an O2 sensor problem. The old O2 sensor was coming up with an error code “heater circuit low” P0031. When I replaced it the truck generated a new error code Sensor Circuit Low Voltage. The new error code on come on after a few days. I have checked for vacuum leaks and...
  10. O2 sensor Problems.. 2000 tundra

    I have a 2000 Tundra 2dr. with the 3.4L motor, Auto trans... Somebody cut off my cattlytic converter and decided to cut my wire harness for 02 sensor also.. I welded a new cat on and got a new o2 from the parts store. none of my local parts stores or junk yards had the pigtail for my sensor so i...
  11. Replaced all 4 o2 sensors, CEL still on

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I have replaced all 4 O2 sensors and the CEL is still on. The code reads bank 1 sensor 2. I know which one that is, but don't know what is wrong with it. Please Advice
  12. 99 Cam, v6, rich front/rough idle, shift

    '99 Camry, v6, ~120k mi, College student (ie frugal :cool:, mostly bikes around now) First symptoms: Pulsating (lightly slipping clutch feel) at certain in 4th gear when low rpm. Current: Same pulsating whenever at certain throttle point (park/neutral or any gear). Startup is bogged, then...
  13. Another Oxygen Sensor Question (Heater Circuit)

    My '01 Tundra's check engine light (CEL) came on a few weeks ago. I tested the OBDII at Autozone and the oxygen sensor was bad as I suspected. I purchased a universal sensor because I am cheap and I have the "I think I can fix anything" complex. I replaced it, reset the ECU by pulling the...