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  1. New member, new to me 2003

    Hey all, John from Cape Cod (expecting to be pretty active on this forum). Yesterday I bought a 2003 SR5 (loaded) Sequoia w/ 64,000 miles, I got it for a fantastic price and then purchased a 4 year 48,000 mile powertrain warranty. The last owner towed, and I've read some horror stories...
  2. Arctic Veteran Top Gear Hilux Tackles Dubai Sand Dunes

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    This Toyota Hilux has travelled with the Top Gear team to the magnetic North Pole and with James May to an active volcano in Iceland. Now it faces a new challenge: the massive, scorching sand dunes of Dubai. The temperatures in the desert between the UAE and Oman regularly reach above 120...
  3. Toyota Scores 1-2 Victory at Kalahari 1000

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    This weekend saw off-road racers from across Africa tearing across the Kalahari desert of Botswana in the Kalahari 1000. The super production class was led in first and second by drivers in Toyota Hilux pick-ups. The 1000km race across the desert is the fourth in the Absa Off-Road Championship...
  4. Video of Tundra hitting 110 mph off-road

    Thought it would be funny to take a top speed run of my bone stock 2010 Tundra with TRD suspension as I was heading out to ride my ATV. I already had my helmet, so I figured "what the heck?!" Later in the drive the top speed limiter spoiled my fun at 115 mph. Didn't know these things had a...