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  1. 1998 Toyota Sienna Oil Pressure Light On

    My 1998 Sienna with 211,912 miles on it, had a oil light coming on and off. Took it in, they went through a battery of tests including pulling the valve cover and looking at a still very clean engine and oil, and with 70lbs. oil pressure at idle, decided it 'must be' the oil pressure switch...
  2. Oil leak with bolt next to oil filter/cartridge

    I have an '08 Sequoia Limited. Took it to a local shop on Thursday to have the oil changed for amsoil. My wife drove it Friday and yesterday. This morning (Sunday) I find that there is oil on the ground where the truck was parked. I followed the DIY instructions and get under the front of...
  3. Oil Observation

    I am by no means an expert or even a knowledgeable guy when it comes to oil. I buy oil that is recommended by members here or that I have done some research on. I have come to find that there are as many opinions about oil as there are brands of oil. I have run the following oils in my truck...
  4. 1994 Toyota PU 4x4 6-cylinder oil change, other questions

    Out-of-Production Toyota Trucks
    i have a few questions regarding my truck. my 1994 toyota pick up is 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, with extended cab and camper on the back. it has 64K miles and i am hoping to keep this truck for a very long time. i've been taking it to oil change places but the last time i went they wrongly...