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  1. Purchased 2001 Tacoma for my daughter

    I purchased a 2001 Tacoma Prerunner XtraCab for my daughter and it has 181,000 miles with a 6 cylinder. In my 2013 Tundra and my Wife’s Highlander I run Mobil 1 0W20 oil. Looking for a suggestion to run in her Tacoma? Thanks!!
  2. '04 Maintenance Recommendation Needed

    Hello, I have a 2004 double cab Tundra with 127k miles and have parted ways with my mechanic. Below is my 'major' maintenance log, not including oil changes and tire rotations. What additional maintenance is recommended for my truck based on it's current age, mileage, and history? Also, should I...
  3. 2003 SR5 4.7L 2UZ-FE Trouble

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Single owner, 2003 SR5, 4.7L, 2UZ-FE with 220k miles. Truck has never once been in the shop or on back of a tow truck. While coming home from work, I noticed that the stock oil pressure gauge bottomed out suddenly and I heard a faint “ticking” sound, appearing to come from the passenger side of...
  4. Plastic found after oil change

    I purchased a 2002 tundra 4.7L last week and the car dealer did oil change but I decided to put mobil 1 fully synthetic oil in, and while changing the oil I noticed black hard plastic came out of the old oil. I did add seafoam and drove 30 miles before draining the old oil. Anyone have any...
  5. Using ATF for a motor flush

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    2002 Toyota Tundra Limited, 4.7L V8, <115000 miles. A fellow coworker with one of those sporty mid late 2000s 2wd Tacoma X runners told me that if I feel my truck is running sort of sluggish, I should add a quart of ATF fluid to my oil, run my truck for about 10 minutes at idle, then drain the...
  6. 2007 5.7L P0022 Code Oil Control Valve

    Engine & Drivetrain
    ot this code and understand its a retard of the VVT on the left bank. From what I've read I need to check the operation of the VVT Oil Control Valve. Does anybody have a diagram of this OCV? Not sure where this is located and what I need to remove to get to it. Also read that sometimes an...
  7. Oil Types

    I own a 2011 Tundra 5.7L gas engine with 39,825 miles on it. I don't tow anything (yet) and live in Oceanside California (San Diego). My trips are relatively of short distances. (less than 15 miles) The owners manual recommends regular SAE oil to be used, however, I am thinking of using a...
  8. Tundra Oil Changes are EASY!

    Here's a link to a video of me changing the oil on my 2014 Tundra 4.6 Liter: 2014 Toyota Tundra 4.6L. Oil Change - YouTube
  9. My 03 Tundra has oil pressure issues after changing to synthetic. Help???

    When I first start the truck the pressure is fine at halfway, as the vehicle warms up it will drop to the low line and spike up as I push down on the gas. I have read some of the other postings and other people have the same problem, if you could call it that. What Im getting is a rough running...
  10. Synthetic Oil vs Regual Oil

    I have a 06 4.7L SR5 with 157,000 miles and I’m thinking of switching to synthetic oil. Any recommendations before I do my oil change? I mainly want to know if synthetic oil will help or harm my truck having high miles on it. Also if it will help, witch synthetic oil would be the best to use...
  11. Anyone use 0W-30?

    It is approaching oil change time again. And recently I spoke with an Amsoil dealer that has been for 35 years. We spoke at length about all the different lubricants and fluids that go into a vehicle. I my climate where I get as hot as 100 a few days a year, and as cold as -5 in the winter...
  12. rear passenger side leak under a/c unit

    Rear passenger side leak under a/c unit I have a 2003 Sequoia and have recently noticed some dripping behind the rear passenger side tire. Initially I thought that it was condensation from the rear a/c unit, because it has been on ever time we drove due to the hot weather. Upon closer...
  13. White residue under oil cap

    So I did an oil change about a week ago and the next morning after driving maybe 10 miles I open up the oil filler cap to adjust my oil level to find milky white residue under the oil cap. My first thought was that there was just condensation in the block and it didnt have time to fully burn...
  14. Marvels Mystery Oil

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. It's almost time for another oil change and wanted some input. I have an 06 Tundra SR5 4x2 with about 70K on the clock. I'm running Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic. I am considering adding Marvels Mystery Oil in the engine, but wanted to know if...
  15. 2010 5.7 Oil Change interval

    OK, I have searched the threads and have not found anyone else with this question. I am sure, however, someone with better search skills will point me to an existing thread. Here is the issue. I have a 2010 5.7 CM and I was reading the "Warranty & Maintenance Guide" that was provided to me...
  16. Jiffy Lube - no oil in engine - damage?

    I had Jiffy Lube change my oil as I often have it done. I drove for 2 days totaling almost 200 miles when I noticed engine noise. I checked the oil - there was none! I added 4 quarts to get to the bottom dot on the dipstick. Engine noise stopped. No leaks. 2003 Tundra 4WD 78000 miles. How do I...
  17. Where is the oil drain for Sienna 2006?

    Where is the oil drain for Sienna 2006 LE? and how many quarts does it take? I attached a picture for my Sienna where I think the drain is, but if you can confirm I would really appreciated. Also, Is there a clean way to change the filter because it's in tight location. Thanks