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  1. New to Toyota and Offroad anything

    I'll start off by saying that my first Toyota was a '78 Toyota longbed. It was rusted, slammed, nostalgic, and could have used some love. I needed to put a roof on my house and paid for it by selling a different vehicle and using the leftover money for the little truck. It got me back and forth...
  2. Hi All

    New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I am on my first Tundra. A 2000 4x4 and am starting to embark on making her a little more off-road capable after owning for a year. Just installed a level and now I am wondering if I should go to a bilstein 5100 - OME coil combo instead of the pro comp spacer in the front? I really...
  3. Just ordered a metric crap ton of stuff! OME 2WD question?

    Just got a smoking deal on Rims, tires, bed rug and tonneau cover! Can't wait to get it all in. I was about to order the Bilsteins as well, but after looking through seriously every pic on the interwebs of Bilstein lifted Tundras I decided 2.5" was .5" to 1" too low for me. So I think I'm going...
  4. 2004 SR5 2WD Tire Size Expectation w/ Bilstein 5100

    Hello, After coming across the thread regarding the OME rear springs I became worried my plans might not work. I've ordered and received the Bilstein 5100 fronts and stock replacement Bilstein's for the rear. I was planning on leveling the front as close as possible with the rear and...