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  1. Hard downshift out of OD during highway speed acceleration (55-70mph)

    Hi all- I recently purchased a 2002 Tundra 4wd. The transmission has a somewhat hard shift when downshifting from OD to 3rd in the highway. It’s not super hard but there is a noticeable bump felt in the vehicle. It does not occur when you manually press the OVERDRIVE OFF button or when the...
  2. How to fix random flashing O/D light / transmission overdrive 2004 2005 2006 Tundra

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    A few days ago my Tundra started flashing the O/D light on the dash, and was coming out of overdrive randomly as I was driving. Seemed to randomly turn on and off when wiggling the shift lever. This turns out to be a common failure point, but is easily fixed. The small wire that runs to the...
  3. Trouble shifting into overdrive.

    So I bought an '05 DC 4x4. It seems to not want to shift into overdrive unless I'm accelerating very gently. If I accelerate any faster than grandma speed, even when I get to about 55-60 and just cruise, it still doesn't like to shift into overdrive. Sometimes it will after a few seconds...
  4. Please Help with a Transmission issue? can't find anything online

    I have a 2005 Tundra Double Cab Limited with the 4.7 vvti and the 5 speed auto Trans. The Transmission won't shift into overdrive on its own, so what I have to do is to push the "Overdrive" button to off, and then push it again to turn it back on and then it will shift into overdrive... I...