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  1. Overheating ruined my engine

    I'll try to keep it short. I'm only posting as a warning to other gen-1 owners. About a year ago my lower trans cooler fittings on the denso radiator corroded and gave me the classic strawberry milkshake syndrome. I replaced the radiator with a lifetime warrant Silla brand. I did not use the...
  2. 2008 5.7l Tundra overheating and VSC, Check Engine, Slip control lights on

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum and i have a 2008 tundra 5.7l. last week my VSC light, Slip indicator, and check engine light all came on, the VSC light is blinking. It seemed fine after i reset the system by unplugging the negative battery cable for 20 minutes. now all the lights came back on...
  3. Transmission temperature too damn high

    So yes I am OCD and I own scanguage that reads transmission temp. It appears that tranny temp likes to stay around 200F even with 75F outside. Of course seeign 210F on my scanguage for first time I went into WTF mode. So here are some findings 1. Some retard designed external transmission cooler...
  4. Strange Cooling problems with 2004 Tundra

    I have a 2004 Tundra with 110k miles. I had the timing belt and water pump replaced about 10k ago. I have noticed that my radiator overflow tank is always empty. I fill it frequently and every now and then there will be a fair amount of coollant on the ground. Otherwise dry. Then recently I...