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  1. Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) Question and Compare

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Hi everyone, so I have a 08 Tundra DC 5.7L and I got the dreaded P0171 and P0174 code. Researched a little and found that mine is most likely a vacuum leak because my % goes down as the load goes up (throttle) and if it were fuel related the % would go up as the load went up.I have a scanner...
  2. 01 Tundra Engine Light On- Code P0171

    Engine Light is on. Dealer is telling me that is catalytic converter. I know its BS. I feel gas mileage is higher and truck does not have power. Other than O2 sensors what else could it be? Thanks
  3. P0171 Code after K&N air filter install

    I have a 2000 Tundra 4.7 and recently replaced the K&N cold air intake filter. The old one was some off brand from the previous owner. I found this filter online because it matched up with what they recommended: RF-1045 - K&N Universal Air Filters, Universal Air Filter direct from K&N After...
  4. Bank 2 rich, but b1 is lean

    '01 V8 A/T 4x4 150k Bank 2 O2 sensor replaced at 135k Suddenly (on 1/2 tank of new gas) reading codes for misfire on all even cylinders (bank 2) and rich mix b2 ,BUT lean mix on b1. Runs like crap, multiple misfires at all RPM. I understand that a bad O2 on b1 might richen the mix and cause...
  5. 2006 Corolla change the error code from p0170 to p0171

    Corolla / Matrix
    2006 Corolla-- the error code changes from p0170 to p0171 I have a 06 Corrolla. I was getting p0170 for a while and finally I cleaned the MAF and even without resetting, the CEL went off. After 200 miles of driving, it came back again yesterday with error code p0171. I looked into the forum and...