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  1. Clear coat, expiring

    Body (Interior & Exterior)
    15 years of mostly direct sun has taken it's toll on the roof & hood. The Leer isn't looking all that good either... she'll get new paint, and maybe some strategic Line-X soon
  2. Full Paint Job

    Hi Everyone, Joined a long time ago but never utilized the forum so I feel new here. I have a '13 black CrewMax. Showing it's age with the number of scratches and dings it's accumulated. Love the black but it shows everything. Thoughts on if you think a full paint job is worth it? Not even sure...
  3. White paint issue

    Hello All, I know there are other posts but none have actually answered the question that many have asked. I have a 10 Tundra in White. I have the hazy spots on my hood. The dealer today said they would repaint the hood. Has anyone got their whole truck repainted, or had issues getting only the...
  4. Advice me please

    Hey guys :( Today I had an accident, someone hit the back side of my tundra :( I think people steal their licenses here Since our dealer at UAE dose not support the tundra Ill find a hard time fixing it... here it is :sad3d: !! Advice me guys should the side be replace or cant it be fixed...
  5. Super White - Paint Repair Question - Need Your Help

    All,So long story short, my wife drove my truck to work today and was not used to driving something so big (she drives a Mustang) and ended up somehow nailing the corner of her office building. The building is fine, in case you are wondering, but my truck is not. See below.As I understand it...
  6. DIY - Minor Paint Restoration

    Reblogged from: AutoShepherd's Blog This article will explain how to perform minor paint restoration on the cheap, the supplies listed in this article should cost no more than $10-$20. As tuners, we are often owners of early model vehicles. Some of the most popular models lately are Hondas...
  7. 2004 Sequoia paint failure

    I have a 2004 Sequoia with 100k miles on it. The vehicle is kept clean and waxed, but not overwaxed. I have noticed paint failure of several sorts and am very concerned over the quality of the Toyota paint. Has anyone else experienced this failure and what did you do to remedy it? Tx.
  8. Paint disappearing act?

    I just got a new '09 DC RW Tundra ~2 months ago and i recently noticed that the paint is coming off of the walls of the bed. Nothing has touched the bed in the places where the paint is coming off. I have several streaks where the paint is gone down to the primer and one spot that is down to...
  9. Marshall Instruments Boost Gauge Installed

    Well, I finally installed a boost gauge. I searched for about 3 months on and off trying to find one I truly liked. And here it is...Marshall Instruments Gauges I removed the coin holder on my dash and used the gauge hood that came with the gauge for a "neck" which I pointed at me. I also...