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  1. NGK or Other brands

    Mileage and Fuel Economy
    Hi every one.. I looked thru the threads and really didn't see much on my question, So I am seeking anyone's advice on this matter! I want to do a Spark plug change Mainly just because of the mileage, Truck runs fine ! ,, I can get a set of 2 NGKs Iridium IX Spark Plugs at the parts store...
  2. Performance Accessories 3" Body Lift

    Performance Accessories 3in Body Lift Kit for 2006 Toyota Tundra [BL5623] | Rough Country Suspension Systems Have any of you installed this on a 2005 or 2006 double cab tundra? I'm only asking because the description says regular or extended cab... Also if you have, what all did you have to...