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  1. Tundra Rock Warrior

    Post pics or discuss your Tundra Rock Warrior
  2. Rocking the TONNEAU!

    I have decided to get rid of my tonneau cover, since I replaced it with a camper shell. But it's kind of a shame, that was one good-looking truck with the tonneau! It only took 5 mins to take off, and I doubt it would take much longer to install again. The camper, on the other hand, took a good...
  3. Anyone got pics of 1st gen Tacomas?

    I was looking through the 1st gen Taco threads and couldn`t find any pic threads? Am I starting one or is there one in here/out there somewhere?
  4. Album preview pictures wrong

    Help, Anyone know why all the pics in my album have the same preview picture and dont match the picture they are previewing? :confused:
  5. Want to Upgrade Tires....need to see pics of yours

    Would love to see some Tundra's with their Stock 18" rims and some meaty tires on um....maybe if you have a leveling kit too. What to see what it would look like. Was thinking about getting some custom rims, but thinking maybe i dont' need too, maybe just some meaty tires and a leveling kit...