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  1. Does anyone have Snowbear Plow Mounts they'd like to sell???

    Just thought I would ask on here before paying out for new ones. I sold my old Chevy 4x4 today and need to mount my plow to my 2000 Tundra. The Snowbear plow mounts I need are part number 65111 and fit Tundras 00-06 and Sequoias 00-05. Thanks! Brad
  2. ABS Light On, VSC Flashing, TC Light on, Brake Lights on. SNOW SNOW SNOW. Read on.

    Ok, here is the situation.. I was in very VERY deep snow Yesterday. I do have a plow and I did plow a lot yesterday.. BUT I also just DROVE through very deep snow for many miles (5-6 Miles).. 18-22" deep EASILY. Anyways.... I drove about 10 miles on decent road (not much snow)... and my ABS...
  3. How do u like the 'electric' Limited Slip Rear End? Your use? Plowing? Off Road Use?

    I have a 1st Gen - getting ready to buy 2nd Gen. I have a POSI rear end in my 1st gen and I LOVE IT! i plow snow and I off road (SAND DUNES). i love that i can push snow down into a ditch, and back out no probs (NOW THAT I HAVE POSI). sooooo... how do you guys like the computer aided...