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  1. 2011 Tundra Double Cab Speakers Install with stock head unit NOT JBL

    I love Polk speakers and my Tundra (except for the stock audio system). I have had Polks in the house since 1990 and now I want them in my truck. I do not have the JBL head unit in the truck. I am thinking of adding the MM6501 speakers in the doors with the tweeters in the sail panels...
  2. 2006 DC Sub pics please

    Audio & Stereo
    Can anyone provide pics of sub installs on a 2006 DC. I have two kids who ride in my truck so i can't put them on the floor in front of the rear seat. I've done a search but it's kinda overwhelming and i didn't find any pics. Any help is appreciated. I am also installing Polk 6501's in the front...