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  1. 2000 Tundra Power Steering

    Looking for some help on determining what this part is on my 200 Tundra. When I fill my power steering reservoir the fluid leaks (streams) out from this part, when the engine is on. I really do not know what to call it when I go to purchase a new one. Any ideas?
  2. Power steering hose leak from lower part of 3/8" reservoir hose

    1Gen-Steering System & General Handling
    Hi all, I just discovered an active leak in one of the power steering hoses on my 2000 tundra limited V8. The PS fluid reservoir has two hoses connected to it. The leak I am talking about is coming from the lower section of the smaller hose connected to the reservoir. I assume it is low...
  3. Power Steering Pulley Removal: Help!

    Hello all. This is my first time trying to rebuild a power steering pump (or anything for that matter...) and I am stuck on how to take this darn pulley off! I hope that image is large enough to see. This is a power steering pump off a 2001 Tundra with a 4.7L V8. All of the pulley removal tools...
  4. Power Steering Hose preference? 2003 Tundra W/O tow package

    03' Tundra 4.7 eng. W/O tow package, bubble flare type High pressure power steering hose leaking so I'm looking to replace. Toyota factory price is $366.00 wholesale and I think it must be made by Denso and is gold plated (ha ha). Aftermarket ones I see are around the $100.00 range so I was...
  5. Power steering leaking from both sides of rack

    1Gen-Steering System & General Handling
    I have a 2005 DC 4x4 with 70k that got really tough to steer all of a sudden and was making a loud "clacking" sound. When I hopped out, it had pushed a pretty good amount of fluid out onto the pavement out of both sides of the rack. I hadn't probably looked at the PS fluid level in awhile, but...
  6. Power steering problems- NEED HELP!!!!!!

    I have a 2002 tundra and my power steering is whining and difficult to turn. The fluid is foaming and pushing itself out of the top of the reservoir. I've put two aftermarket pumps on it and an OEM pump, am OEM rack and pinion, an aftermarket pressure hose, two pressure switches, and replaced...
  7. Power Steering Hose Low Pressure

    My 2000 Tundra developed a leak in the rubber PS hose low pressure return line. The hose is a short section with a formed bend clamp on one end to the reservoir and on the other to a metal line going to the rack. I check for a replacement and the dealers only sell the entire assembly of rubber...
  8. Power Steering failure. Pics included. Need help please!

    Hey guys, Few things. I have been a member on here for awhile now but havnt had the chance to post. I have the same user name over to tundratalk. Seems as if i cant get any help or any questions answered over there so i figured i would try this out First let me introduce myself! Live in good...
  9. Power steering return repair

    Tundra leaking return line 2000 - 2005? If you run up against a leaky power steering return line and do not want to spend the $320+ (aftermarket) or $410+ (Toyota) for a new set of hoses, which you cannot get just the return, you can replace the end of the return line. The biggest pain is the...
  10. 96 4x4 tacoma Power steernig Problems

    I started my 96 4x4 tocoma the other day and the power steering felt like it went out. The steering wheel is very hard to turn more than an inch or so. The power steering pump was making a squeak/squeal sound. I replaced the pump and the steering wheel is still very very stiff. The new pump...