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  1. Exit delay relay problem?

    Lighting & General Electrical
    New to sequoias, just bought an 04, was playing around with it and realized the windows never lose power when the key is off. My lexus delays the windows by 60 seconds or until drivers door is opened, but this one never turns them off. Bought it with the battery killed, only a few months old...
  2. Passenger window not working

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I just bought a 2001 sequoia SR5 with auto windows in the front. So, as the title says the front right power window is not working. I get nothing from either the switch on the drivers door or the passengers door. To me that says regulator. So I pulled the door apart and put power directly to the...
  3. Power Window Anti-Pinch Limit Switch Reinitialization (following window replacement)

    Motto: SafeLite sucks! I just had a passenger side window glass replaced but not FIXED by SAFELITE on my 2001 Toyota Sequoia. If you pull button for the window to go auto UP, it travels up and then back down to the 1/3 closed position. Safelite tech said the window "anti-pinch" sensor needed...
  4. 2001 Highlander lost function both rear power windows

    I have a 2001 Toyota Highlander V4 that has lost operation of both rear power windows at several months interval. Neither master nor door switch works. I can hear a click in either door whenever I push the power window control to lower the window but that is all that happens. I have checked the...
  5. Driver Window Won't Roll Up Interm.

    :confused:I have a 2000 Tundra that the driver’s window intermittently will not roll up. If I wait about 20 seconds it will then (usually) rollup. I spoke with the dealer and they indicated either a motor or control panel. Well they are both in the 200.00 range and they have no replacement data...