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  1. 2010 Tundra 4x4, Crewmax, Platinum Pre-Runner For Sale - $50k

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    This truck has been to SEMA, helped chase with TRD in the Score, Baja 1000 and helped Camburg Racing chase in multiple BITD races. This truck is well maintained with 93k miles, is fully wrapped with a 3M brushed metal vinyl. Here is a list of features: Front Suspension – Camburg Tundra...
  2. Pre-runner Tundra ??

    What's up ya'll new to TS and the Toyota world.. Just picked up a 2013 5.7 2wd and I love it. Why is there no Tundra Pre-runner? Can I make my truck a pre-runner by definition? What's a pre-runner have that I don't?