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  1. TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Runing Steelies)

    Tires and Wheels
    TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Running Steelies) Looking for TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia. Being quoted $60 per. from Americas Tires. Where can I get best price for 4 TPMS. I'll bring them myself to install instead. I'm going to run Pro Comp 17' Steel Thank You!!!
  2. Pro Comp Lift Kit

    Hey everyone. I'm planning on getting a 6" lift kit on my 08 Limited Crewmax 4x4 Salsa Red. I was looking at getting the pro comp stage 1 lift kit becuase of the good price but wanted to know the main differences between the stage 1 and 2. Also how do the rides compare, and does the truck end...
  3. Pro-Comp tires - anyone run them?!

    Ordered myself in a set of Pro-Comp Xtreme MT 305/55/20s ... They'll be installed on factory rims next weekend, pics to come ... Already have the Ready-Lift 3/1 SST installed How do you like your Pro-Comps?