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  1. 4wd hi and low lights flashing at start up and then shuting off.....

    I started my truck up the other day and the hi and lo lights were flashing on the dash and the buttons were flashing too. I thought maybe I bumped the buttons, so I let it go. later I tried to put it in 4wd and nothing happened so I got on here and looked around, no good answer other than the...
  2. AIP issue in 2014 Tundra with less than 500km on it!!!

    I just bought a 2014 CM SR5 and after putting less than 300km's on it and less than two days later, the vehicle suddenly wouldn't go over 50km/hr and the CEL and a "traction control off" message was displayed. Toyota Canada has disappointed me on their level of customer service so far as they...
  3. Bilstein 5100 BUMPSTOP ORDER??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Well guys, I am new to the site. And I have searched for the answer to my question for two days now.... Nobody has the answer and Bilsteins customer support is closed..... So here goes, I am in the process of installing my 5100 adjustables on my 2000 2wd Access cab.... Well... As you...
  4. 2008 Tundra problems

    I'm going to look at a 2008 Tundra DC Long Bed. It's got 33k miles on it. 5.7L and 6 Speed auto. Does anyone know of particular issues with that model/year truck. Comments welcome.
  5. Paint disappearing act?

    I just got a new '09 DC RW Tundra ~2 months ago and i recently noticed that the paint is coming off of the walls of the bed. Nothing has touched the bed in the places where the paint is coming off. I have several streaks where the paint is gone down to the primer and one spot that is down to...
  6. The "Official" 5.7L Supercharger Problem Thread

    Seems many of us are getting the run-around from TRD as to whether they feel there is a problem with the Supercharger and cold air AND whether there is a fix coming (if they are willing to admit there is a problem). Please post: 1) If you have the supercharger 2) If you have had any problems...
  7. 95 T100 - Parking lights stay on

    Out-of-Production Toyota Trucks
    Walked out to my truck tonight and saw that my parking lights and dashboard lights were on. The switch is switched completely to "Off" but they stay on. The headlights stay off and they will come on once the switch is turned. I drove it home and the same thing. I guess I'll have to disconnect...
  8. Intermittent cruise control

    I have a quirky cruise control on my 05 tundra. I can set it and run on it for a couple of minutes, then all of a sudden it will shut off. Sometimes it will run for 30 seconds and other times it will run for 10 minutes without problem, then suddenly shut off. I am on a flat road with no...