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  1. Help with lift kit and tires

    I am planning on lifting my 2010 tundra crewmax this summer and I have a few questions. I plan on putting on a 4" Pro Comp lift kit, unless you have and other recommendations. What is the largest size tire I could fit with that. I need something that is still good on the road and won't scew my...
  2. Couple questions about the size of a muffler ?

    Im going to order a Magnaflow muffler. I was wondering what does it mean by 5in.x11in. Oval? What is the differences between 4in.x9in. , 5in.x11in., 5in.x8in.:confused: Thanks for the help!
  3. Might be buying soon, a few questions...

    Looking to get myself back into a Tundra. Was hoping the new design would be out by 2012 but looks like it is still a few years off so no point in waiting. A couple of quick questions... 1. Is the NAV system in the Tundra's worth it? I love having integrated NAV for multiple reasons over an...