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rattle tundra noise

  1. Vibration at 1800 RPMs

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    For the love of God, help me. Vibration only occurs when in DRIVE (usually around 30mph and 1600 RPMs), not when in neutral or just idling in driveway. Have had heat shields and manifolds checked.......can't see where these are the culprits. A friend said to investigate the catalytic...
  2. Noises Rattling/knocking going over bumps

    I switched jobs last year and finally got the truck that I wanted for years...2012 Crewmax Rock Warrior. It's a truck and you don't expect a super quiet luxury ride, but at least the comfort of no strange noises of an old used car. About a year in, a strange rattle and knocking was coming from...