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  1. Double Cab rear end swap to Access cab

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    I've got an 00 AC tundra with a snapped axle shaft and bent housing. I am having a hard time sourcing a rear end out of an access cab but there's plenty of rear ends out of DC model. For the life of me I can't seem to find any information if the rear ends are swappable. I know the diffs are...
  2. Bad rear end...very very bad rear end - please help

    1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    Hey everyone- for those who chose to read this thread, you are in for a laugh and a few sighs lol I live in upstate NY- My bed and gate are long since salt eaten beyond recognition- So I decide to go go VA- 7 hours from me- for a killer bed, talgate and bumper I found on CL- No sooner than...
  3. Squeak coming from drivers side rear end

    There is this squeak coming from my drivers side rear end in my 2001 Tundra SR5 2WD. it makes the noise only when I am going forward, it never happens in reverse. The sound comes only on certain parts of the rotation on the tire. I bought the truck used and it has been happening since I bought...
  4. Looking to Upgrade 03 Tundra: Trans, Exhaust, Rear End

    So my Tundra's in the body shop this week. I ended up in a Fender Bender here in Tulsa this past week end and have decided to take the opportunity to do some of the upgrades (hopefully) that I've been thinking about. The truck is a 2003, V8, 2wd, Auto, Access Cab. Rear End: I found a 02 TRD...
  5. Replacing rear end

    I have a 2000 Tundra SR5 4x4 Access Cab 4.7L V8, no modifications. A year ago I had some work done on my Tundra and discovered that one of my rear axle seals was leaking grease onto my passenger side brake. I had the seals replaced, new pads put on and the drum cleaned. 1 year later took...
  6. Damage to LSD?

    I have a 2005 DC with the LSD. The truck has 69K miles and is in mint condition, except for one issue. I get a 'shudder' in the rear end when taking off from a stop while turning either left or right. This mostly happens in the morning or after the truck has been sitting for awhile. I have...
  7. Rear end

    How hard would it be to replace our rear end with something stronger with better gearing for the drag strip? I dont care about the stability control so im looking for a rear end. Any options?
  8. 2000 Tundra Rear End Noise and Issues- HELP!

    Hello All, Ive normally been able to find the information needed by searching, but Im not sure if I have missed it or what. I have a 2000 Tundra 2WD with 189k miles on it. My only one main issue I had was the transmission going out at 101k miles. Changed that out. And has been great since. I...