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rear shocks

  1. Rear Shocks OEM

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    I just replaced these with 5100s and I'm hoping someone on here will pay a small penny for my old ones. 80k of light to moderate use on the old ones. first 70k were used pretty much exclusively for an older gentleman to take his grandkids to school and back for 10 years. They are in good...
  2. Can't find shocks to fit 2005 Sequoia Limited with auto leveling

    I am SOOO frustrated and I haven't even had the pleasure of removing the shocks yet! EVERY SINGLE REPLACEMENT SHOCK I find at any auto parts store or online has a footnote that says it's NOT FOR AUTO LEVELING OR NOT FOR ELECTRONIC LEVELING. OK, so is there a REAR shock that IS for auto leveling...
  3. Best Headers for 01 AC Limited?

    Looking into getting some headers for my 01 Access cab limited Tundra. Already have the exhaust system built in, looking to upgrade from OE headers. Also, new shock reccommendations? My truck has Fox 2.0 (part of a Fab Tech lift from original owner), but they are starting to go. Just replace...