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  1. Mystery clunk solved

    OK, a lot of us have had this mysterious clunk in the left rear someplace. We greased, we tightened, we inspected, we rode in our box while our wives drove but couldn't find it. But as for me I finally found it and was I ever surprised, it wasn't the truck at all. It was my canopy. Every time...
  2. WTT: Custom front and rear bumpers for factory 2006

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    Hello all- I have a white, 2006 Tundra Double Cab Limited. About 60k miles ago I decided to remove my front and rear bumpers and built custom steel bolt ons. I no longer have my factory ones and would like to go back to plastics; I'm considering trading it in. The deal would be...I get...
  3. F/S 2014 Tundra 4x4 TRD coilovers and shocks

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    Items are off a 2014 tundra 4x4 double cab TRD edition. Items have 1700 miles on them. I wanted to lift the truck so this is why Im selling. I recently swapped the front out for Icon coilovers and the rear shock with Icons as well. Location is 62960 Price: front coilover/shock assembly: $450...
  4. Seeking instructions on how to replace rear/back window motor for 2004 Tundra

    My rear window will not roll down in my 2004 Toyota CrewMax. I have checked my fuses and connections up to the last connector attached to motor. I am getting 12-14 volts to motor when I engage switch. I can hear the relay clicking and when I pull the connector from the motor, I get 13-14v...
  5. where can i get a rear end

    Anyone know where i can get my hands on a rear end or just a differential for my 06 sr5 dc 4.7 tundra with out breaking the bank? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  6. rear passenger side leak under a/c unit

    Rear passenger side leak under a/c unit I have a 2003 Sequoia and have recently noticed some dripping behind the rear passenger side tire. Initially I thought that it was condensation from the rear a/c unit, because it has been on ever time we drove due to the hot weather. Upon closer...
  7. New Bilstein 5100 questions

    Hello all I just recently had a new frame put on my 2000 tundra (rusty frame recall)...and I decided to use the opportunity to get some new billy 5100's installed. I bought the shocks, preset the fronts on 2.5" of lift, and wasn't sure how to set the back to 1" of lift (the product...
  8. Rear bumper

    Hey guys, just an idea. I backed into a tree 4 wheeling last week in my 2010 DC RW, and dented my rear bumper pretty good. I priced out rear bumpers from toyota (over 400 dollars, primed.) Then I figured it would be a good time to upgrade with a steel bumper, untill i realized the quality...
  9. How do you OPEN REAR Liftgate whenhandle and window is inoperative?

    2001 Toyota Seqouia with inoperative rear window and latch assemby (with broken plastic handle). I read the threads discussing how you OPEN the rear liftgate by rolling down the window and prying up trim panels. What if your WINDOW is inoperative, too? How do you open the read door from...
  10. Replace Rear Lug on 04 Sequoia

    I, being the dutiful and thrifty husband, went to change the rear brake pads on the Sequoia. Everything was smooth and fast on the drivers side, but when I went to the passenger side, one of the lug bolts broke. Having replaced a few lugs I immediately went to the parts store and got a new lug...
  11. Rear 5100's or FOX... Last minute change before install!!

    Hello everybody -- The time has come for the famous 5100 front, rear, and AAL from(Wheeler's) install on my 05' TRD 4wd. This is all scheduled for Tuesday June 1. Now I have second thoughts on the rear 5100's. I've been looking at the FOX rear shocks part #FOX980-02-421-A from Off Road Warehouse...
  12. Rear squeeking noise from lift?

    Suspension & Axle
    Hi I purchased a pro comp stage 2 lift awhile back for my "08" and a month ago the rear been squeeking. The noise occurs when i start off driving until 10 mph and turning even slightly. I've lubed everything that seemed to be the problem but its still squeeks LOUDLY. Im starting to get very...
  13. 2003 Tundra replacement rear bumper

    I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to fixing cars so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 2003 TRD Sport Tundra, V8. I teach at a high school and of course I go out one day and notice some kid has put a serious dent in my bumper, and drove off. I was wondering if anyone...
  14. rear window jam 02 sequoia!?

    i have an 02 sequoia. the rear window goes down about 2 inches and then one side stops and the other side just drops everytime i try to roll it down. im guessing the only way im going to get this fixed is if i take it to the dealership. any suggestions on how to fix it? or any guesstimates on...