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  1. Is my '03 w/Supercharger worth a fight?

    Forced Induction
    Ok folks, so here is the deal. About 7 years ago I bought a 2003 Tundra with the Supercharger. I'm not really highly mechanically inclined, nor have I ever been a big car/truck guy, but the S/C seemed to be a cool thing to have, and the truck was a great buy even without it. I've always...
  2. New member - Dickinson, TX 2000 SR5 Limited

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Have occasioned on this site a few times before - really needed to become a member and learn a lot more really quickly as my Tundra overheated during one of our 100+ degree days this past summer. I am now trying to identify all of the problems and how to correct them. I ran...
  3. Power Steering Pulley Removal: Help!

    Hello all. This is my first time trying to rebuild a power steering pump (or anything for that matter...) and I am stuck on how to take this darn pulley off! I hope that image is large enough to see. This is a power steering pump off a 2001 Tundra with a 4.7L V8. All of the pulley removal tools...
  4. 2008 5.7 broke connecting rod

    Engine & Drivetrain
    My truck is a 2008 Tundra TRD with 5.7L (3URFE) that has 67k miles on it when a connecting rod decided to break, causing the motor to lock up. Luckily the block was not damaged, but the crankshaft has minimal scarring that could be fixed by turning it down a bit. I am having problems finding...
  5. 2001 Tundra, internal engine rattle/tapping. Help!

    I have a 2001 tundra, 4x4, 4.7, its got right around 117,000 miles on it. Good regular maintenance, running synthetic fluids, engine, transmission, diffs, and transfer case. Bought used around 6 months ago with 106k miles, changed timing belt and water pump at 108k. I have been running 10w-30...